At the heart of your event

Velfie smOOOve is a powerful solution to animate your event, useful and engaging.

Create your Pitch Corner !

When pitching, startups can present their offer and / or issue their need in terms of technological support, strategic and commercial partnerships, financing and networking…

Benefits for startups

A powerful showcase for investors and the media

Live from your event


    Maximize the visibility of your salon with media partners


    Continue networking your event all year long.


    Organize a pitch contest to reward the best


    Rich media content - self-produced, without additional production costs.

    To be automatically share on social networks.

Organize a pitch contest to reward the best.

This creates an audience attentive and multiplied since the user shares his own video to ask his network to vote

Coming out

in early 2019

All collected pitches feed your platform allowing you to create a video book of your ecosystem.

Your video booth and your media are fully customizable to give your sponsors more visibility

Pitch from 50 to 180 seconds

Video & Photo

Plug & Play

Camera HD

Anti background noise technology

Instant sharing:

E-mail, social networks

Partner websites

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